VamRad English for Children

The application is available for downloading.
The application "English for Children" helps expand vocabulary of English words using visual and auditory memory:
- Native British English speaker;
- Professional high quality sound;
- Vivid high resolution images;
- Interactive learning;
- 16 categories covering a huge number of words used in everyday life;
- Very exciting learning in a playful way;
- Alphabet;
- Numbers up to 1,000,000;
- Intuitive interface designed specifically for children;
- Additional game levels;
-Limiting the number of words for a more comfortable learning and entertaining game;
Game levels:
- Base course to study over 1000 words by pictures;
- Exciting game level. You need to define an appropriate picture of six randomly-chosen images by word;
- Fun level, where you need to choose one correct word by picture of four different words;
- Advanced level where you need to make the word letter by letter. The question mark will show the correct letter;
Designed for: iPad