VamRad Smart Numbers

The application is available for downloading.
Amazing interactive app Smart Numbers for Kids will help your child learn how to correctly and accurately write digits and numbers from 0 to 99, solve mathematical examples of addition and subtraction and learn the multiplication table. In the first level, we learn numbers, their pronunciation and learn how to write each digit correctly. A stencil with arrows and an animated cursor will indicate the correct direction when writing numbers from 0 to 9. The more correct the child writes the number, the more points he will earn. In the second level we learn counting, addition and subtraction. Then we solve the examples, the child in the answer draws a number and the artificial intellect, realized on the basis of a neural network, recognizes and evaluates the answer. In the third level, we learn the multiplication table, solve examples and earn points. The numbers are animated each in its own style and attract the attention of the kid. Scenes as the title menu so all are interactive: clouds, numbers, butterflies, chamomiles, panda, birds, fish in the pond, small pandas, elephant, giraffe, cheetah, parrot, monkeys, they fall from the tree, if you pull the tail, penguin, sea lion, albatross, small penguins, icicles on the rocks and the rocks themselves, after tap 3 to 4 times the cliffs fall and the penguins fall from the hill, even the worm in the results table. Top 10 results of all players are presented in the dungeon.
Designed for: iPad